Hagar Qim

Hagar Qim

The megalithic temples from the Younger Stone Age are among the most important monuments in Malta. Hagar Qim is one of the best preserved of its kind in the whole of Europe.

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Within the Hagar Qim site you will find four smaller temples, or rather their remains. The buildings date back to around 3600 to 3000 BC.

The temple's impressiveness is underlined by the fact that it is located in a completely undeveloped area on a gentle slope near the sea. The entire site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with other temples in Tarxien near Valletta.

Hagar Qim Temple

The main point of the complex is the over 5,500 year old Hagar Qim Temple, which you will find right at the entrance. The archaeological remains are covered by a large canopy to keep the weather out.

In Hagar Qim Temple you can admire the largest monolith used in the construction of megalithic temples in Malta. It measures 6 metres high and weighs over 57 tonnes.

Mnajdra Temple

From the Hagar Qim temples, a comfortable walkway of about 500 metres leads downhill towards the sea.

At the end of the path stand the remains of the smaller Mnajdra Temple and there are beautiful views of the sea.

Entrance fees and opening hours

Open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. For up-to-date information, visit the official website: heritagemalta.mt/hagar-qim-and-mnajdra.

The following amounts are charged for admission.

  • 10 EUR Adults,
  • 7,50 EUR Seniors and teenagers (12-17 years old),
  • 5,50 EUR Children.

The ticket is valid for both Hagar Qim and Mnajdra.

How to get there

Hagar Qim is located just a few metres from the main road along the southern coast near the town of Qrendi. Follow the signs that will take you to "Hagar Qim" from Valletta or the airport. There is free parking at the entrance.

As well as the Blue Grotto viewpoint, you can get here by bus lines 74 and 201. The 74 runs from Valletta, and the 201 from the airport or Mdina (it doesn't run at the weekend). The bus stop is just a few dozen metres from the entrance and is called "Hagar".

For ticket prices and more information about buses in Malta, see the Transport chapter.

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