Malta's smallest inhabited island offers beautiful nature, stunning coves and cliffs that are definitely worth a visit. The crystal waters are also great for snorkelling.

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The island of Comino is only 3 square kilometres in size and has a permanent population of only about 10 people. Tourists head here mainly for the breathtaking scenery and swimming without the crowds.

Things to see and beaches on Comino

Blue Lagoon - The Blue Lagoon is the most visited place in Comino. The lagoon, or rather the bay between Comino and the small island of Cominotto, has turquoise crystal clear water, a fine sandy bottom and many rocky nooks and crannies. Combined with the very calm waters, this is an absolutely ideal constellation for great snorkelling. There are two beaches here, but on both of them you will be lying mainly on large rocks, so it is not a classic sandy beach. You'll also find a small bar by the harbour.

Crystal Lagoon - The Crystal Lagoon is a narrow bay with very high cliffs that offer a beautiful view of the turquoise blue sea with dramatic natural scenery. Access to the sea is only possible from private cruise boats due to the steep cliffs.

Caves of Santa Maria - On the north side of the island you can admire the high cliffs falling into the sea and forming sea caves. The place is again just "for looking at", the sea can only be reached by private boat.

Santa Maria Bay - The only village on the island is also home to the only real sandy beach on Comino. In season, sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent here and there are also public toilets by the beach.

Torri ta Santa Maria - St Mary's Tower is a historic 17th century observation tower which offers a beautiful view of Comino and the strait between the main island of Malta and Gozo. There is no entrance fee.

Snorkelling and diving

These two activities are undoubtedly the main attractions to visit Comino, apart from the views of the reefs. You can snorkel anywhere there is access to the sea, just beware, there are no equipment rentals anywhere. You can rent or buy snorkels with fins at the larger beaches in Malta or Gozo.

Again, diving trips are organised from both larger islands, but you can also find diving trips directly on Comino. Dive Shopwhere you can pay for a diving course from beginner to advanced. Courses start at 80 EUR per dive.

How to get to Comino

The cheapest way is by ferry running from both Malta and Gozo. On Comino, most services stop at the dock right by the Blue Lagoon, with several stops a day at the only village on the island in Santa Maria Bay. The cruise takes about 30 minutes.

Only round-trip tickets are ever sold, and are priced at a flat rate 15 EUR for adults or 7 EUR for children under 10. You can also buy tickets online at a discounted price for 14 EUR for adults and 6,50 EUR for children.

You can also pay for a boat trip to Comino with one of the many private companies. You can find offers literally on every corner, at every dock and in every tourist center. One trip to Comino by boat works out at prices from 20 to 50 EUR depending on the program.

Accommodation in Comino

You will find only one luxury hotel on Comino. It offers both accommodation in classic rooms and fully furnished bungalows.

There is a large swimming pool, private boat transfers for 10 EUR one way and all prices automatically include half board with breakfast and dinner. Holiday rates for a double room start at 70 EUR. The hotel cannot be booked through or any other search engine, only through its own website

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